An excellent 2 part interview with Swiss historian Vincent Gerber on the ongoing work in Rojava to put direct democracy and social ecology into practice. As Gerber states: "The theories of Abdullah Öcalan and Bookchin offer a new model for the future by challenging capitalism."

Part 1, Part 2

For a better understanding, can you tell us a bit about the concept of Social ecology, which Murray Bookchin put forward as a theory and later turned into a movement?

Social ecology, as you mentioned, is an ecological movement initiated by Murray Bookchin in the 1960s, which argues that the roots of the ecological problem are based on social problems. Solving the ecological problem is not only a matter of protecting nature, but also a matter of resolving the issues of social domination that exist among us. In other words, the social problem and the ecological problem are of the same nature and, simply put, should be solved together...