Web and graphic design as Beardy Guy Creative.


I am a crazy cat lady though I only have one cat. And I’m not really a lady. The beard usually gives it away. Also, I live with dogs. I’ve rejected what is considered “normal” life and live a quiet life in the woods a stones throw from a small lake – it’s important to me to feel connected to the life around me. I’m surrounded by wildlife (song birds, geese, deer, squirrels, raccoons, the occasional duck… ) and take a bit of joy watching their antics. That said, I’m also really good at sharing with people. I have spent much of my life focused on creating, and being a part of, authentic, meaningful community.

Most recently, I’ve been delving into science. Reading and thinking a lot about cosmology, astronomy, physics, astrophysics, quantum mechanics and chemistry. I’m a bit obsessed with visual astronomy at the moment. Viewing deep sky objects like the Andromeda Galaxy or Orion’s Nebula through a telescope is pretty fantastic. Planets, galaxies, nebulae, and star clusters… all are really beautiful. I recommend it. My most recent for fun/community project is a local astronomy group because it is a minor tragedy that most adults and children never get a chance to view Saturn, Jupiter or some other celestial object with their own eyes (as opposed to a photo) . I get a kick out of hearing others squeek or gasp when they see one of these things for the first time.

I’ve never had a corporate job and would never want one. I much prefer my work (web and graphic design) to be with non-profits or small businesses. This kind of work (for pay) isn’t the focus of my life. It’s what I do to buy food and the things I need/want. I’ve only had one full time job in my life. But I’ve worked my whole life, it’s just that much of the “work” I do I’ve done for free as a volunteer. Money is a necessary evil in our current society and I’ll never have it at the center of my life. Which leads me to…

I live in a small cabin/tiny house and prefer not to own much stuff. That’s not to say that I live in an empty room. While I live simply I also enjoy the benefits of technology. But I try to keep it balanced. As much as I enjoy a good movie or time reading through RSS feeds, I also enjoy a walk in the woods or a swim in a lake or creek. I can name most of the birds around me and can tell you about what plants in the woods you can eat. I love the sounds of the spring peepers on the first warm days of February.

When I’m not looking through a telescope or busy with “work” I’m probably reading a book, listening to music or a podcast, walking with my dog, planting a flower or sitting on my porch drinking coffee. I don’t feel the need to prove anything to anyone, don’t have a crazy drive to accomplish or achieve some societally defined notion of “success”. Much of what’s gone wrong in our world is humanity being busy with success and acquisition of stuff without much thought to the future.

I’m trying to do good and minimize the bad but sometimes wonder why as it seems things are generally not improving. I am a realist.