Republican House Rep. Andrew Ogles on Gaza: “We Should Kill Them All”

In a stunning admission, a House Republican was caught on camera this week saying that he thinks the U.S. and Israel should kill all Palestinians in Gaza.

Tennessee Rep. Andy Ogles made the comments in response to pro-Palestine activists who confronted him in a hallway about the U.S.’s continued support for Israel’s genocidal assault in Gaza, which has killed 30,000 Palestinians so far, including 12,300 children.

HunterNP: Rest in power, Aaron Bushnell

“Many of us like to ask ourselves, ‘What would I do if I was alive during slavery? Or the Jim Crow South? Or apartheid? What would I do if my country was committing genocide?’ The answer is, you’re doing it. Right now."

Suicide vs genocide: Rest in power, Aaron Bushnell

On Sunday, February 25, 25-year-old active duty member of the United States Air Force Aaron Bushnell set himself on fire outside the Israeli embassy in the US capital of Washington, DC, in a one-airman revolt against the US-backed slaughter currently being perpetrated by the Israeli military in the Gaza Strip.

Over the past 143 days, Israel has killed nearly 30,000 Palestinians in the besieged coastal enclave…

Nancy MacLean, “The Pre-History—and Likely Sequels—of the Insurrection at the U.S. Capitol”

The attack on the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, was just a hint. Nancy MacLean  on decades of intentional cultivation:

What we are seeing in the United States today is the coming together of a network of far-right corporate donors determined to remake the world, a major political party their grantees have radicalized beyond recognition, and vigilantism in multiple arenas being spurred by highly profitable media outlets.

DrAlJones on Mastodon:

Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) Feb 21

Steve Bannon: “MAGA will govern for fifty years”.

Pizzagate conspiracist Jack Posobiec:

“Welcome to the end of democracy. We are here to overthrow it completely. We didn’t get all the way there on Jan. 6, but we will endeavor to get rid of it…. Bcz all glory is not to government. All glory to god”

Trump’s address is set for Saturday, 24 Feb.

Mhairi Black’s incredible speech demanding a ceasefire in Gaza

The SNP Westminster Deputy Leader kicked off the debate before tonight’s Gaza vote with a stirring plea to the House.

Over 2/3 of Jewish Israelis oppose humanitarian aid to Palestinians starving in Gaza

This is a shocking data point. The Israeli Democracy Institute released a survey this week showing that over 2/3 of Jewish Israelis – 68% that is – opposed “the transfer of humanitarian aid to Gaza residents at this time.”

It gets even worse – the survey lowered the bar to exclude any possible opposition to either UNRWA (which Israel has been inciting against) or the Hamas authorities (which Israel considers terrorists). To no avail. Over two-thirds still oppose humanitarian help “via international bodies that are not linked to Hamas or to UNRWA… A majority of Jewish respondents (68%) oppose the transfer of humanitarian aid even under these conditions,” the survey notes.

Democrats Back Effort To Vote Against Biden In Michigan Primary

Democratic congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, along with former Democratic congressman Andy Levin, have both backed an effort within Michigan to vote “uncommitted” and against President Joe Biden as a way to send a message. Here’s the breakdown and my thoughts.

US isolation grows amid international scrutiny: Marwan Bishara

It’s day four at the UN’s top court for public hearings on the impact of Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territories. China, Ireland, Iran, and Jordan are among a host of countries that say Israel’s nearly six-decade-long occupation is a flagrant violation of international law.

U.S. isolated at G-20 as Gaza crisis worsens

RIO DE JANEIRO — The U.S. opposition to an immediate cease-fire in Gaza came under repeated criticism during a two-day meeting of the chief diplomats of the world’s 20 largest economies in the latest sign of Washington’s isolation on the issue.

Brazilian Foreign Minister Mauro Vieira, the host of this year’s annual Group of 20 gathering, began the meeting by decrying the “paralysis” at the United Nations Security Council, where Washington vetoed a third resolution for an immediate cease-fire in Gaza earlier in the week.

Claims of Israeli sexual assault of Palestinian women are credible, UN panel says

UN experts say they have seen “credible allegations” that Palestinian women and girls have been subjected to sexual assaults, including rape, while in Israeli detention, and are calling for a full investigation.

The panel of experts said there was evidence of a least two cases of rape, alongside other cases of sexual humiliation and threats of rape. Reem Alsalem, the UN special rapporteur on violence against women and girls, said the true extent of sexual violence could be significantly higher.

“Moral Failure”: Democrats Urge Biden to Change Gaza Policy

As the death toll of Palestinians killed by Israel’s assault on Gaza approaches 30,000 and the United States vetoes a ceasefire resolution at the U.N. Security Council for the third time, the Biden administration’s support for Israel has come under fierce criticism both around the world and in the U.S. In Michigan, which is a key battleground state and home to one of the largest Arab American populations in the country, a campaign is growing to vote “uncommitted” in next week’s Democratic primary in protest of Biden’s policies backing Israel. “We’re not standing against anyone, but we’re simply reaffirming our stance for humanity and for the basic tenets of human rights,” says Democratic state Representative Abraham Aiyash, Michigan’s highest-ranking Arab and Muslim leader. “The administration needs to change course in foreign policy in the Middle East in order to gain the trust of people who we have lost,” says California Democratic Congressmember Ro Khanna, who says the U.S. must call for an immediate ceasefire and place conditions on aid to Israel.

More Than 50 Countries Argue Before World Court Against Israeli Occupation of Palestine

Arguments are underway at the International Court of Justice, where more than 50 countries are asking the World Court to issue a nonbinding legal opinion against Israel’s occupation of the West Bank, Jerusalem and Gaza since 1967. The request is separate from South Africa’s genocide case against Israel at the ICJ. “Israel has been instrumentalizing the rules of international humanitarian law … to further its settler-colonial project in Palestine,” says Ahmed Abofoul of the Palestinian human rights organization Al-Haq, which submitted an advisory opinion on the case. “I have no doubt that the court will decide that Israel’s occupation is illegal,” he says. We also discuss what comes after the ruling and Israeli society’s reaction to the war.

ICJ ruling will have ramifications across the board: Marwan Bishara

Marwan Bishara, Al Jazeera’s senior political analyst, has has said that the ICJ is not judging whether the occupied Palestinian territories are occupied or not in this case. They are occupied and there is no dispute about it, according to the UN Security Council resolutions on the issue, he said. “Israel can make the [opposite] claim if it wants and it does with huge lies for the last 50 years,” he said.

Brazil’s Lula compares Israel’s war on Gaza with the Holocaust

Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva has accused Israel of committing “genocide” against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and compared its war on Gaza with Adolf Hitler’s campaign to exterminate Jewish people.

“What’s happening in the Gaza Strip isn’t a war, it’s a genocide,” Lula told reporters in Addis Ababa where he was attending an African Union summit on Sunday.

“It’s not a war of soldiers against soldiers. It’s a war between a highly prepared army and women and children,” added the Brazilian president.

On Mastodon ninavizz writes:

Today Adobe announced its annual MAX conference would take place in Florida. A US state the NAACP has declared unsafe for Black travelers. 500 employees signed an internal letter, condemning the decision…

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Linked: Palestinian and Gaza News

Not a surprise but with the latest UN Security Council Veto the US is alone in its ongoing support of Israel’s genocide against Palestine. In our support of war crimes and genocide we are guilty of war crimes and genocide. US veto sinks Algeria’s ceasefire resolution at UN Security Council… The United States has once again vetoed a draft resolution on Gaza at the UN Security Council. It’s the third veto by the US since the start of the war.

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The Apple pundit club strikes again

Hey hey, look, the Apple pundit club have gotten together to do their Apple report card again! Not a surprise but they’re all declaring the iPad is still dying? And then of course there are the folks like Steve Troughton-Smith chiming in on Mastodon but he and other commenters in the thread aren’t offering anything new either. It’s just a repetition of the pundit echo chamber. Even worse, many commenters proudly proclaim that they’re still using old hardware from before 2020.

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Linked: Palestinian and Gaza News

Palestine awakens the revolution… Since Israel began its slaughter in Gaza on October 7, I have felt my own heart become a grave for over 25,000 people in Palestine. I, along with the rest of the world, have borne witness to the world’s most documented genocide in history. I have watched, from my phone, the attempted annihilation of an entire nation. These 100 days of genocide have replaced every cell in my body and made me into a different person.

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Finished reading: The Water Knife by Paolo Bacigalupi 📚

Climate fiction about the future of the southwest of the US after decades of extended drought. Seems about right.

The iPad Pro, Mac and Vision Pro can all co-exist

It’s been a couple weeks since Apple released it’s iPad Face Computer and various memes are bouncing around the pundit echo chamber. I’ve not tried it and don’t expect to anytime in the foreseeable future. I have issues with vertigo that would likely make it less than optimal but, also, it’s far beyond my budget. All that said, as the iPad is my preferred computer, I see the merits of VisionOS being based on iPadOS and that brings me to the primary point of this post.

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Linked: Climate Emergency

Skyrocketing ocean temperatures have scientists scratching their heads - Ars Technica… For nearly a year now, a bizarre heating event has been unfolding across the world’s oceans. In March 2023, global sea surface temperatures started shattering record daily highs, and have stayed that way since. … “In the tropical eastern Atlantic, it’s four months ahead of pace—it’s looking like it’s already June out there,” says Brian McNoldy, a hurricane researcher at the University of Miami.

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Apple getting weird?

Jason Snell wants Apple to get weird. Here’s my pitch for a new iPad Studio. Hang with me for a minute because this is, well, weird. The M series board, battery and everything that we now know as an iPad is not behind a screen. It’s a keyboard. It’s the base where most of the weight is. And it has more ports. The touch screen would be thinner and lighter than what we now know as an iPad.

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Ongoing link round-up of events in Gaza

Bombs, Disease, Starvation: Canadian Doctor Describes the Desperate Situation Inside Gaza… As Israel continues to threaten to invade Rafah, where over a million Palestinians have sought refuge, we speak to a surgeon who recently returned from a humanitarian mission at the European Hospital in Khan Younis in Gaza. “What I saw in Khan Younis were the most horrific scenes in my entire life,” says Canadian ophthalmologist Dr. Yasser Khan. He describes the dire conditions of injured civilians in Gaza, the majority of whom are children.

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Jon Stewart Tackles The Biden-Trump Rematch That Nobody Wants | The Daily Show - YouTube

He’s back. And his take on the upcoming presidential election is spot on.

Photos: Superb Owl Sunday VIII - The Atlantic

A special Sunday event: our eighth annual photo collection celebrating the magnificent birds of prey. These nocturnal hunters hail from Europe, Asia, North America, and South America, and are depicted here in photos from recent years. If you have some time today before the big game (or are skipping the event entirely), we invite you to take a look.

Kimberley Rose - The definition of antisemitism that has become a weapon to defend Israel

The Palestinian death toll is over 28,000 and yet here I am debating words? Why? Because words, in particular the working definition of antisemitism by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance IHRA, is being used as a weapon to silence people and defend Israel. And these words are increasing being worked into laws. Lawmakers in more than half-dozen US states are pushing laws to define antisemitism

As millions in the US entertained themselves with the Super Bowl Sunday night Israel, with the full support of the US, continued its genocide in Gaza.

Noura Erakat: Israel’s Looming Invasion of Rafah is the “Worst-Case Scenario” - YouTube

As the United States, the European Union and countries around the world are warning Israel against a ground invasion of Rafah in southern Gaza, we speak with Palestinian human rights attorney Noura Erakat. “This is disproportionate, excessive force that is meant to terrorize a population,” says Erakat. “Israel must stop its genocidal campaign now.” Erakat also responds to news that one of President Biden’s top foreign policy aides has admitted the administration has made “missteps” in the Middle East, and discusses calls to stop arms transfers under international law to prevent war crimes.

An easy hack for an ever present clipboard history for iPad!

This is fairly easy and straightforward though it requires more than one Apple device. Ensure that you’ve got handoff/continuity turned on for the shared clipboard on your devices. Install an app like PastePal or another similar app that has iCloud sync and the ability to automatically monitor the clipboard. PastePal is a one-time payment and works on iPad, iPhone and Mac. My iPad Mini is always within reach as is my iPhone.

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