Many Americans still pretend that the US is a democracy.

And they’ll also go along with the worst possible “choices” given to them claiming they are not in a position to change anything.

They’ll claim they are powerless to change anything.

That’s some democracy you have there America.

America: Founded in genocide and violent settler colonialism. And in 2024, Americans refuse to see who we are. We’re still the same.

Burning the Indigenous Population up in their Tents is an old Colonial Technique of Genocide

Burning the tents of the indigenous population has a long history in colonialism. When the Dutch ruled “New Amsterdam,” the capital of the New Netherlands, they brought in more and more settlers who were hungry for land and wanted to displace the Mohawks and Mohicans, who did not take kindly to being pushed around…

The Democratic Party should be scrambling right now to replace Biden as their candidate for president. He has no redline and he is complicit it Israel’s war crimes and genocide.

Fuck Trump. Fuck Biden. Fuck the Democratic and Republican Parties.

America is complicit in war crimes and genocide.

Biden has no red line. He is a war criminal. The ICC should issue an arrest warrant for him. Now. There should be no special privilege for him.

After Latest Israeli Attack on Rafah Kills 45, How Can World Enforce ICJ’s Ruling to End Assault? - YouTube

Two days after the International Court of Justice ordered Israel to immediately stop its assault on Rafah, Israeli warplanes began to drop bombs on refugee tent camps in what had previously been declared a “safe zone.” At least 45 people, including children and infants, were killed in the bombing.

Netanyahu’s deflection and Biden’s complicity in Israel’s invasion of Rafah: Marwan Bishara - YouTube

As Al Jazeera’s senior political analyst Marwan Bishara highlights, Netanyahu’s deflection and Biden’s complicity in Israel’s invasion of Rafah present a stark contrast to the humanitarian principles they claim to uphold. He emphasizes that if the United States were in Gaza’s position, the nation would be mourning the death of 2 million American children after eight months of relentless warfare.

The iPad is the touch first computer for the rest of us

Well, now, this is an interesting iPad headline and different from most that I've seen: Why Reviewers Lament iPadOS While Users Absolutely Love It | PetaPixel. Jeremy Gray at PetaPixel writes:

In the days and weeks after the launch of the new iPad Pro from Apple, I noticed quite a bit of discourse responding to critical reception of the tablet that boils down to this: If iPadOS is so bad, why are so many creators using nothing else?

Hmm. I'm familiar with the reviewer opinion that iPadOS is too simple, too locked down. I'm not sure I've seen reviewers ask why so many creators are using iPads.

One comment I saw on Threads in the hours after reviews went live stuck with me and continues to play in my head. It alleged that the disconnect between tech reviewers and actual users was never more obvious than in iPad reviews. It said that they, and I am included in this, just don’t “get” it and that real creatives have been happily using only an iPad for years, yet we as reviewers have echoed the same refrain about iPadOS for just as long. Clearly, tech reviews are not in tune with real iPad users this and many responses like it read...

Now this, yes, this has been my observation. That the relatively small group of popular, old-school tech reviewers are disconnected and living in their own echo chamber. And that, yes, there are many happy iPad users out there doing everything they need to do with an iPad, be it "creative" or otherwise. I've written about this many times.

Gray continues:

All this said, I think my issue — and the issue that folks like me come up against — is that I’m trying to use an iPad like a computer when it’s not and isn’t meant to be.

Well, now, hold on there hoss. No, I think the idea is that the iPad actually is a computer. Of course it is. But it's not the same kind of computer that many are used to. It's not a traditional desktop or laptop computer that requires a keyboard, mouse or trackpad.

He quotes this from Apple's iPad Pro website:

iPadOS is designed to let you power through advanced workflows and do all the things you love with ease and simplicity. Run pro apps, play high-performance games, and take on creative projects of any size with an intuitive touch-first experience.

I looked a bit closer at that section of the page:

All done. With the power of touch.

iPadOS is easy to use and designed for the unique capabilities of iPad. Intuitive touch navigation makes it all a breeze — even for the most pro workflows.

Pro apps unleash the extraordinary things you can do with iPad Pro. With essential built-in apps and over a million apps on the App Store designed specifically for the unique capabilities of iPad, iPadOS is an ideal platform for work, play, and creativity.

Unlike so many other iPad articles written by old-school Mac users, he acknowledges that it may be that the iPad is not for them:

I think I get hung up on the “do all the things you love” part, because that’s the promise iPadOS doesn’t deliver to those who are used to the computer environment.

Yes. Exactly. He gets it. I'll slightly restate it: The iPad does not deliver the computer environment that he is used to.

There is an assumption in the language of Apple's marketing that it is speaking to users that prefer touch-based computing. And it's in the visual language of the site. Apple's iPad overview is directed not at older, middle aged podcasters and reviewers, but young professionals and creators who are not at a desk. The iPad is a new kind of computer that offers a new paradigm of computing for a younger demographic that grew up with touchscreens rather than Macs. The website makes this clear:

A screenshot from the Apple website. 3 iPads are in the center with text above: Your most creative canvas yet. With a fully immersive touchscreen, iPad is a canvas that's ready for you to express your most creative self. From 3D sculpting and composing a beat to painting a masterpiece in Adobe Fresco, iPad is where your most creative ideas come to life. The iPads each show various kinds of art, music and a photo of a young man on one.
A screenshot from Apple's iPad website with this text: Your workplace can be any place. Versatility  comes standard. There's never been a more joyful way of getting stuff done than with iPad. Designed for Multi-Touch, simple gestures help you get around smoothly and quickly. Add an Apple Pencil to write and draw your ideas or attach a keyboard to rip through your inbox. And do it all with the game-changing performance of Apple silicon. Below the text is an iPad with a Magic Keyboard attached. On the screen is a brightly colored graphical map and the Messages app.
A screenshot from Apple's website that shows various iPads. On the first, young people doing an FaceTime call, the second is the Pages app with a colorful document design, the third below is the Files app. In the center is text: Store  what's important. Get to it with ease. Organize, share, and get to all your stuff with the Files app. And easily access and manage what's on your iPad, in iCloud, or on cloud services like Box.
A screeshot from Apple's iPad website. It consist of two graphic panels. On the left a young man reclines and is holding an Apple Pencil in his right hand. In his left an iPad. Behind him a lush wall of green plants. Text on that panel reads: Productivity: Your workplace can be any place. The second panel is a painted wild cat with a forest background. The text reads Creativity: Take your inner artist out and about
A screenshot from Apple's iPad website. Text reads: Touch. And go. Designed for the large Multi-Touch display, iPadOS is the operating system that makes iPad so powerful and easy to use. It pushes the capabilities of iPad further — all using the power of touch. Below the text to handholding an iPad on the iPad are two apps being used with Stage Manager displaying multitasking apps on the left side.
A screenshot from Apple's iPad website. Text reads: Powerful and capable from the start. Essential Apple-designed apps like Keynote, Numbers, Pages, and more were created to take full advantage of the unique power and versatility of iPad. below, the text is an iPad showing the basic iPad home screen with several widgets along the top half and app icons along the bottom half of the screen
A screenshot from Apple's iPad website. Text reads: Over a million other ways to use it. Turn your iPad into almost anything — from a math classroom or workstation to a professional recording studio — with apps from the App Store. With over a million apps made just for iPad, there's something for everyone. Below the image are five iPads. Each iPad screen is a different app with brightly colored visuals, demonstrating various creative applications and documents.
A screenshot from Apple's iPad website. Text reads: Your classroom can be anywhere. Learning untethered. With fast Wi-Fi and cellular capabilities, built-in cameras help you create powerful connections wherever you are. Join class, attend a lecture on Zoom, tackle a group project on FaceTime, or simply stay in touch with colleagues and classmates from all over. Below the text is an image of two hands holding an iPad and on the iPad is a group FaceTime call featuring 18 young people.
A screenshot from Apple's iPad website. Text reads: Learning Your classroom can be anywhere. There is image of a young woman holding an iPad and sitting crosslegged below the text.

In conclusion Gray writes:

Apple is an at an impasse. It can continue iPadOS and the users who know it and nothing else will continue to love it, but reviewers and those who work in a wider ecosystem of devices will regularly complain. Or, Apple can change iPadOS to be more like a computer and upset the users that are used to the current experience.

No. There is no impasse. Apple will do exactly what it has been doing: it will continue to improve iPadOS year after year. iPadOS will retain its original, easy to use mode for those that need or prefer it. For those that are doing more Apple will continue to increase the capabilities of the advanced modes and features. He's correct that the more Mac using reviewers will continue to complain. They won't ever be happy and I don't think Apple cares much about that as I don't think Apple sees them as the target audience.

But you can be sure that each year the various default apps will continue to be improved and new ones added. Files will be improved. Mail and other apps will eventually get smart folders. Some version of Xcode will come. Safari will be improved. I'd expect that as virtual memory was implemented 2 years ago that background tasks like exporting video will improve. Stage Manager will be improved. Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro 3 will be released next year. The list goes on. There will be no sudden or dramatic changes. Nor would I expect to ever see a touch based Mac. 14 years in, Apple is not going to abandon the course they have set for touch based computing on the iPad.

Fast forwarding to oblivion.

Humanity’s survival is still within our grasp – just. But only if we take these radical steps | The Guardian

In 2008, the late American climate scientist Wally Broecker warned of the global repercussions of polar ice loss. Today, his predictions echo louder than ever as Greenland ice haemorrhages at an alarming rate, threatening rapid sea-level rise. Over the past 15 years, the Arctic Circle region has been heating up at four times the global average; it’s now more than 3C above levels in the 1980s. In 2023, we witnessed a staggering loss of Antarctic Sea ice.

Seems appropriate to post this again.


All proceeds to UNRWA USA. Donate Here: HIND’S HALL

Because allowing humanitarian aid is counterproductive to their genocide Israel continues its efforts to destroy UNRWA.

Israel’s parliament has voted to approve a bill that would designate the UN’s agency for Palestinian refugees as a terrorist organisation. The bill also calls for a complete severing of ties from UNRWA. Israel previously said UNRWA employees took part in the October 7 attacks, but an independent review concluded there’s no evidence to back the claim.

While Americans enjoy our long holiday weekend our government is burning Palestinian children in tents and generally committing war crime and genocide.

Well done America. Well done.

Palestinians search charred remains of Rafah tent camp

Emergency crews in Gaza’s southern city of Rafah have worked through the night to recover the remains of Palestinians killed in an Israeli strike… Many of the dead and injured are women and children. The Palestinian Red Crescent says people were ‘burned alive’ in their tents. The injured are being treated in overwhelmed and under-equipped hospitals.

Fuck Trump Fuck Biden Fuck the Supreme Court Fuck the US House Fuck the US Senate

This broken, violent, corrupt fucking country is a stain on the Earth.


Israel’s war on Gaza live news: ‘People burned alive’ in attack on Rafah | Al Jazeera

  • Israeli forces have bombed a tent camp housing displaced people in a designated safe zone in Rafah, killing 45 Palestinians, most of them women and children. The attack has triggered an international outcry, leading to calls for a ceasefire.
  • The attack on the camp in Tal as-Sultan came after Israeli forces bombed shelters housing displaced Palestinians in other areas including Jabalia, Nuseirat and Gaza City, killing at least 160 others, according to Palestinian officials.

If I’m in the cabin my favorite place to work is the futon and Rosie’s favorite place is my lap. A stand to suspend the iPad above her provides a partial solution though I still have difficulty positioning the keyboard and trackpad. 🤣

A brown cat is curled up on a pillow. An iPad is suspended above the cat. On the screen of the iPad Affinity Publisher.

As reported by The Forward, the background story of Theodor Meron one of eight legal and academic experts convened in January by ICC prosecutor Karim Khan in the investigation of possible crimes by Israel and Hamas.

By the age of 14, he had survived the Holocaust; by 44, he was an Israeli diplomat; now, at the age of 94, Theodor Meron recommended the International Criminal Court seek arrest warrants of Israeli and Hamas leaders for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

A serious, qualified person who has served the US, Israel and the international community his entire life.

In violation of international law Israel will continue the war and the US will continue to support Israel. Both believe they are above the law.

ICJ rules Israel must stop Rafah operation, what’s next? | Al Jazeera

The court was not convinced that Israel had taken sufficient measures to protect civilian life and voted – 13 judges to two – that Israel must take effective measures to enable any UN-backed commission of inquiry to enter Gaza and probe genocide allegations.

The court also reaffirmed its previous January 26 ruling that Israel must scale up aid to Palestinians in Gaza.

An excellent interview with anarchist and historian Sophie Scott-Brown. A brief but informative exploration of anarchism, direct democracy and the politics of right-wing populism.

Why I’m an anarchist | Anarchy and democracy - YouTube

During a typical day my attention turns over various aspects of humans and the climate crisis. At least once a day, some days it might be half a day, the thoughts come and go along with a generally persistent climate anxiety. Often times the thoughts are replays of variations of questions about why humans are failing to act to preserve their future. Today as I walked my dog Cosmo I considered the different approaches we could be taking.

Some of us who haven’t given up on climate action often advocate a mix of approaches. I firmly believe that we are in an emergency that requires every kind of action possible. The most commonly discussed: Individual lifestyle changes, protests, calling/writing lawmakers to pressure for systemic change.

It seems to me that in the US at least those most likely to express concern are on the liberal side politically. Let’s just say it’s roughly 50% of the country that will claim to be concerned on some level that climate change is a real problem. I don’t know what the breakdown is in terms of those that consider it an emergency that requires serious effort, right now.

My casual observation based on family members that I interact with is that 80% acknowledge it is a real problem. But for the most part that 80% live lives which in no way express a change reflective of the problem. What I observe on Mastodon is similar but my lens is just posts of a tiny subsection of various communities and it’s just glimpses via posts.

That said, just stepping back and offering an admittedly too-vague, too-limited, too-anecdotal observation of the big picture based on all possible observations that one person might have this is what I see.

  • The US political process is largely corrupted by corporate lobbies and has been for decades. It’s also just broken in a variety of ways. The result is that legislation for encouraging good behaviors and regulating bad behaviors has only happened at a minimal level and is still not nearly enough. It’s not even close to what is needed and there are few signs that what is needed will not happen. Far too little, far too late.
  • American citizens generally seem aware of the above problem with the political and law making process.
  • American citizens generally do not act in large numbers to lobby government for changes. Lobby here might include making phone calls, emailing, visiting law makers in local offices.
  • American citizens generally do not protest or otherwise engage in large public demonstrations. The few actions that do happen are usually the efforts of a very small percentage of the population. I’d guess that less than 1% of the US population has ever attended a climate related protest.
  • I’d guess that only a small percentage make much of an effort at lifestyle change, no way to measure this. Based on my observations of family members, well, it’s bleak. It’s fair to say that with only one exception my extended family have made zero effort in terms of life style changes.

As I cast around looking for any evidence to be hopeful that my fellow citizens are taking any action or willing to begin taking actions I see no evidence that it will happen. The media has certainly increased it’s coverage of the increasing frequency of intense, climate induced disasters. In fact, the headlines are almost impossible to ignore now. But that increase in coverage has had no measurable impact on the behaviors of those I see around me.

I get the sense that there is this collective delusion, a coping mechanism that is not quite working. A daily denial that allows for people to get up and function in a pretend normal. And yet, sometimes it feels like we are in a collective panic, a kind of slow motion stampede that goes nowhere as there is no obvious exit.

We see the converging crises, we see the fraying edges and the coming apart. We’re in the long emergency that will have no end.

The US and Israel continue war cimes, ordered to stop by ICJ.

ICJ orders Israel to halt Rafah offensive in new ruling

Judges at the top United Nations court ordered Israel on Friday to halt its military assault on the southern Gaza city of Rafah, reports Reuters.

Reading out a ruling by the International Court of Justice (ICJ) or World Court, the body’s president Nawaf Salam said provisional measures ordered by the court in March did not fully address the situation in Gaza now, and conditions had been met for a new emergency order.

“Israel must immediately halt its military offensive” in Rafah, he said.

Lou Plummer has a beautifully written post reflecting on his memory as a young student of hearing the news about the The Greensboro Massacre. It’s a thoughtful post not just about the violence of that day but of how that moment is rooted in history and how we, at this moment, continue in the same struggle. The violence and effort to suppress people struggling for justice in 1979 is very much a part of our daily lives today.

From Lou’s post:

In November of 1979 I was a junior high student in Jacksonville, NC when I heard on the news about what the media initially called a shootout between the Ku Klux Klan in conjunction with a group of Nazis and Communist labor organizers in Greensboro, three hours away. I remember being confused that the Klan and Nazis, who in my mind were relics of a dark but distant past were still active and engaged in violence. And, I’d never even heard of Communists on American soil. It was a tumultuous time in America that month.

The US really is in a constant struggle with itself (as are humans everywhere). From day one of European contact it’s been violence and grift. Harsh but true. The the social dynamics of class conflict, the struggle of the compassionate working poor for their dignity and self determination continues to be opposed by other working poor doing the bidding of oligarchs and tyrants. 500 years ago. 100 years ago. Today. Struggle always.

“We who believe in freedom cannot rest.” - Ella’s Song, Sweet Honey in the Rock

I just had one of my favorite meals. Relatively climate friendly, simple, healthy, easy, quick to make, low cost, vegetarian/vegan:

  • Baked potato using microwave
  • Microwave 1/2 cup of refried beans with taco seasonings and enchilada sauce or salsa mixed in to make it into a kind of thick sauce
  • Pour the refried beans over the potato and mash it up a bit
  • Optional: cheese, browned/fried or raw onions, bell peppers, or other veggies