The Only Antidote To Election Anxiety Is Training To Confront Trump’s Threat - ZNetwork

Whether he emerges a victor in November or a defeated candidate claiming he was robbed, movements for justice and peace need to offer something more specific than what they’re presently doing in order to take account of the deepening anxiety around how to deal with Trump.

While issue-based organizing campaigns need to continue, our climate, economic and racial justice work don’t sufficiently address this rising anxiety.


Tinged with Fantasy, Phyllis Shafer’s Plein Air Paintings Twist the Serene Beauty of the American West — Colossal

For Phyllis Shafer, space and time are inextricably tethered. “The longer I’ve painted, the more I’ve extended my focal range. A spatial stretch in my paintings relates to time and maybe the progression of my life,” she says. “Space is a way of laying out time.”

Tiny Life Journal - On my morning walk with Cosmo I stopped to enjoy the smell of a button bush and noticed a little Flower Crab Spider perched on one of the spheres of flower clusters tucked under a leaf. A lone bindweed flower softly lit by from behind was also worth a stop!

A small white ball-like cluster of small white flowers under green leaves. A small greenish-gray flower crab spider is perched on the top center of the sphere.

A whiteish flower with a yellow center is softly backlit by the morning sun and it seems to glow. Small dew droplets are visible on the petals.

"Americans tend to think about the loss of electricity as something infrequent and temporary. For most, it is a rare inconvenience stemming from a heat wave or storm.

But for millions of U.S. households, the risk of losing power is a constant concern. According to the most recent data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration, 1 in 4 American households experience some form of energy insecurity each year, with no appreciable improvement over the past decade."

A deeply disturbing and truly dystopian story playing out in the US.

Trump’s ‘secretary of retribution’ has a ‘target list’ of 350 people he wants arrested - Raw Story

“This is a deadly serious report,” Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) told Raw Story. “A retired U.S. military officer has drawn up a ‘Deep State target list’ of public officials he considers traitors, along with our family members and staff. His hit list is a vigilante death warrant for hundreds of Americans and a clear and present danger to the survival of American democracy and freedom."

Don’t mourn, Organize! This is how it’s done.

Heather Cox Richardson Talks Project 2025 - YouTube

Now is the time for action, not distraction! Project 2025 threatens our democracy. While we know that Project 2025 will destroy civil rights, reproductive freedom and turn our country towards extremist Christian Nationalism – too many of our friends and family are completely unaware. But we can change that together! Join us to hear from Heather on what we can do together to win this battle in November. More Info & Resources:

Truthout reports that Israel Has “Flattened” UNRWA HQ in Gaza:

After months of successive attacks on humanitarian aid facilities, Israeli forces have now “completely destroyed” the headquarters of the primary aid group for Palestinian refugees in Gaza, the agency reports.

Israeli forces attacked the facility as they carried out their horrific raid of Gaza City last week, leaving nothing but rubble in its place. … UNRWA Commissioner Philippe Lazzarini said that Israel’s attack on the facility represents a “blatant” war crime.

A brief video with Ari Berman on the constraints built into American “democracy”. From the very beginning US political institutions concentrated power in the hands of the elite, propertied white male minority. You know, white supremacy by design.

More than 200 years later, the series of compromises the founders made have increasingly vested the majority of political power in the hands of a minority of the population—a reactionary conservative white minority that is seeking to entrench and hold onto power through a wide variety of anti-democratic means.

Blue Maga: we need to talk about the cult-like turn of the Democratic Party | The Guardian

Is the Democratic party, the self-proclaimed party of liberal values and scientific data, morphing into a Maga-like cult in front of our eyes?

Over the past few weeks, the calls for Joe Biden to step aside have been met not with thoughtful critiques or reasoned counter-arguments but with furious accusations of treason, disloyalty, and betrayal.

Whatever happened to the importance of voicing dissent? Of speaking truth to power? Weren’t liberals supposed to be the folks who value open debate and discussion?

The US is a circus of white supremacy. The violence of today rooted in the violence of yesterday, a thru line from our foundation in settler colonialism to economic gains based upon slavery to this moment. Our domestic violence is exported as war profiteering and a foreign policy rooted in constant interventions. A repeating cycle of violence with the goal of resource extraction, resource theft. It is fundamental to America.

Brother Ali - Uncle Sam Goddamn (Official Video) - YouTube

Smoke and mirrors, stripes and stars Stolen for the cross in the name of God Bloodshed, genocide, rape and fraud

The Real Gaza Death Toll - Susan Abulhawa - YouTube

While the official death toll stalled at 30,000 for months before climbing to 37,000, they grossly underestimate the true death toll. These figures only account for identified victims of ‘direct fire’. Hundreds of thousands more remain uncounted—unidentified bodies or body parts, those who died due to a lack of medicine and healthcare, those buried by their loved ones without getting to hospital, those who starved to death, those trapped under the rubble, those who succumbed to torture while abducted by the IOF and/or those missing.

“The scope of the problem is vast.”

Even that is an understatement. We cannot be ready because this is now an existential crisis for civilization as we know it. It’s that simple.

The U.S. is nowhere near ready for climate change » Yale Climate Connections

The situation has now reached the point where the government can’t possibly make whole all those wiped out by a disaster, let alone buy out all of the properties that have flooded repeatedly or finance all the beach nourishment projects that could defend coastal property against sea level rise and stronger storms.

Brutal truth.

Listen to this conversation with Saul Williams about the historical and ongoing colonialism by the Global North of the Global South. It’s white supremacy in service of resource extraction, plain and simple.

Legendary artist Saul Williams joins Empire Files to discuss the overlap of high technology with medieval barbarism in Israel’s genocide.

In the South, Sea Level Rise Accelerates at Some of the Most Extreme Rates on Earth - Inside Climate News

“I think people just really have no idea what is coming, because we have no way of visualizing that through our own personal experiences, or that of the last 250 years,” said Randall Parkinson, a coastal geologist at Florida International University. “It’s not something where you go, ‘I know what that might look like because I’ve seen that.’ Because we haven’t.

Living and surviving in the climate emergency will become increasingly difficult and, frankly, miserable.

Have you tried to imagine what it will be like in 20 years?

The New York Times reports on soaring heat related emergencies and deaths in the US:

Extreme heat, intensified by climate change, has blanketed much of the United States this summer, killing more than a dozen people in Oregon in recent days. Large parts of California, Nevada, Arizona and Utah have been under excessive heat warnings, which local officials believe contributed to more than 90 deaths in the West this month.

Mother Jones reports on the July 5th Lancet report on the counting of the dead in Gaza:

Factoring in a possible ratio of four indirect deaths to each direct death, researchers Dr. Rasha Khatib, Dr. Martin McKee, and Dr. Salim Yusuf wrote that “it is not implausible to estimate that up to 186,000 or even more deaths could be attributable to the current conflict in Gaza.” That is nearly five times the 38,000 dead reported by the Gaza Health Ministry, the only organization conducting regular counts of the dead on the ground. That number is equivalent to 8 percent of Gaza’s population.

Tiny Life Journal - My mornings start with a dog walk followed by a 30 minute bike ride and, finally outdoor chores. Lately those chores start with picking blackberries. A beautiful view of the nearby Missouri countryside then, while picking blackberries I met a female widow skimmer dragonfly that was sunning itself.

The widow skimmer is one of the group of dragonflies known as king skimmers. The nymphs live in the water, molting and growing until they are ready to emerge from the water and then molting a final time to reveal their wings.

A landscape photo with a foreground of a field of tall grasses. The field turns into a line of trees and shrubs and fades to a background of wooded distant hills set against a mostly cloudy sky illuminated by the morning sun. A black and yellow dragonfly perched on a plant branch and photographed from above. The four wings are translucent but half of each wing is black at the point they attach to the body. A black and yellow dragonfly perched on a plant branch and photographed from behind showing the side. The four wings are translucent but half of each wing is black at the point they attach to the body. A black and yellow dragonfly perched on a plant branch and photographed from the front at an angle that nightlights the eyes and shows the side of the body. The four wings are less visible at the edge on angle of the photo.

How Science Fiction Can Inspire Environmentalism and Climate Action - ZNetwork

As the rhyme suggests, cli-fi is a sub-genre of sci-fi. It tends to be speculative, to focus on anthropogenic global warming, and to examine the effects of climate change on human communities. Frequently, as with Atwood’s trilogy, there is a dystopian slant.

In keeping with the complexity of climate change itself, cli-fi is multiform, encompassing science fiction, fantasy, mystery, thriller, magical realism, fable, satire, and everything in between.

CrimethInc. : Why Stop at Removing Biden? : The Center Cannot Hold

It would seem like a heavy-handed metaphor if it weren’t our actual reality. A doddering patriarch, representing the collapsing centrist political project, refuses to step aside even as it becomes certain that he faces defeat at the hands of an even more authoritarian autocrat. This encapsulates the global prospects for democracy today.

It’s not a particular politician that has grown senile, but an entire political system.

The war crimes and genocide continue with another school bombing by Israel. 4 schools in 4 days. One school each day. When you’re bombing kids playing football you are on the wrong side.

Video shows moment of Israeli strike on Gaza school | The Guardian

Asmaa Qudeih, a witness who lost some relatives in the attack, told Reuters: “Bodies flew in the wind, body parts flew, I don’t know how to describe it.”

Videos from Nasser hospital in Khan Younis, where the casualties were taken, showed dozens of dead and seriously injured people, including children, strewn across the floor of a room.