Our climate reality in 2024 is already starting to look and feel like the beginning minutes of a dystopian climate disaster movie. The footage of the dead howler monkeys laying on the forest floor is heart breaking. It's only a matter of time before we see a human mass death event like the one described in the first chapter of Kim Stanley Robinson's Ministry for the Future.

Deadly Heat: Record Scorching Temperatures Kill the Vulnerable, Worsen Inequality Across the Globe - YouTube

As we enter the month of June, scorching temperatures are already making deadly heat waves around the world. Data confirmed last month was the hottest May on record, putting the Earth on a 12-month streak of record-breaking temperatures...

"We're going to see a more chaotic planet as the climate heats up... the heat wave scenario that keeps climate scientists up at night: a major power outage that could cut off air conditioning and cause thousands of deaths from extreme temperatures."

In Mexico, it's already so hot that howler monkeys and parrots are falling dead from the trees. "What we're experiencing right now goes beyond what is normal," says Ruth Cerezo-Mota, climate researcher at the National Autonomous University of Mexico. "We have been saying this for many years now."