Bombs, Disease, Starvation: Canadian Doctor Describes the Desperate Situation Inside Gaza

As Israel continues to threaten to invade Rafah, where over a million Palestinians have sought refuge, we speak to a surgeon who recently returned from a humanitarian mission at the European Hospital in Khan Younis in Gaza. “What I saw in Khan Younis were the most horrific scenes in my entire life,” says Canadian ophthalmologist Dr. Yasser Khan. He describes the dire conditions of injured civilians in Gaza, the majority of whom are children. “The genocidal intent of Israeli politicians, the Israeli army, is really clear. What is really bizarre is that they haven’t hid it,” says Khan. “The killing machine that Israel has unleashed on the healthcare system, I think, is unprecedented. … If the bombings are not going to get you, then disease will surely get you.”

‘There will be no Gaza’: Palestinian policy expert slams U.S. policy toward Israel and Gaza

President Biden has been venting his frustration in recent private conversations over his inability to persuade Israel to change its military tactics in the Gaza strip, according to NBC News reporting. Yet, as Biden reportedly disparages Netanyahu in private, not much has changed in terms of U.S. policy toward Israel and Gaza, as the death count soars. Rula Jebreal, a Palestinian policy expert and visiting professor at the University of Miami, joins Joy Reid with her analysis.

Is Israel in breach of the ruling by the ICJ? | Inside Story - YouTube

The United Nations' top court has ordered Israel to prevent and punish actions that could lead to or incite genocide in Gaza. The ruling was widely viewed as a step towards ending Israel’s war. But in the weeks that followed, troops have continued to act with impunity – intensifying their indiscriminate killing of Palestinians. Now Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is threatening a possible military offensive in Rafah, the southern-most point of the territory. Palestinians are trapped, with nowhere to go. So, what can be done to end Israel’s brutality?

Mother in Rafah Desperate to Escape as Israel Prepares Ground Invasion

As Palestinian health officials say overnight Israeli strikes killed dozens in Rafah, where over 1 million Palestinians have sought refuge, we speak with a teacher trying to evacuate Rafah with her young children, who urges the U.S. government to stop the bloodshed. “My message to President Biden: We are innocent civilians, and we have no fault in what is happening,” says Duha Latif. “Our children deserve to live a normal life like the rest of the world’s children.” Latif is fundraising to gather the money she needs to enter Egypt. The latest Israeli bombardment was conducted as part of an operation to free two Israeli hostages and came amid warnings from U.S. President Joe Biden and other world leaders against Israel’s expected ground invasion of Rafah. Aid agencies fear the offensive would cause massive casualties.

Why does the US refuse to call for a ceasefire in Gaza? | The Bottom Line - YouTube

The United States' support for Israel’s war on Gaza makes the country look ineffectual and hypocritical to the rest of the world, according to Harvard University professor Stephen Walt, co-author of The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy. Walt tells host Steve Clemons that Israel and the US-Israel relationship have changed over the decades, but US President Joe Biden is holding on to a view of Israel formed in the West in the 1970s.

Gaza: 67 dead in Rafah strikes as Israel plans ground assault

While in Gaza they mourned the nearly 70 who were killed by the bombardments that accompanied the raid. The Hamas-run health ministry in Gaza puts the figure of those killed since Israel began military action in response to the 7th of October attacks at more than 28,000. Israel is proposing a ground invasion of Rafah which is now estimated to be housing more than a million Palestinians.

How Israel automated occupation in Hebron | The Listening Post

Palestinians in Hebron are some of the most heavily monitored and controlled people on the planet. In the first episode of a two-part special, Tariq Nafi reports from the occupied West Bank on the previously unknown facial recognition system ‘Red Wolf’, uncovered by Amnesty International and Breaking the Silence.

How Israeli Apartheid Destroyed My Hometown - YouTube

Segregated streets. Settler violence. Military harassment. This happens all over the occupied West Bank, but perhaps nowhere are these scenes more concentrated than in the Old City of Hebron. The once vibrant Palestinian cultural center is now ground zero of Israeli apartheid. It’s also where AJ+‘s Dena Takruri’s family calls home. In this deeply personal documentary, Dena spends a day in Hebron retracing the footsteps of her father, who was born and raised in Hebron. She talks to Palestinians who are subjected to daily harassment from the Israeli military and settlers. And she is guided through the city by former Israeli soldiers, who tell her why their conscience is now forcing them to speak out against the occupation.