Continuing my exploration of Octavia Butler and the scholarship and activism that have grown up around her work. In particular, tapping into Afrofuturism especially as it relates to Black women writers and activists. As I’m exploring I’m finding another thread that seems to intertwine with this: tech and decolonialism. I’m writing another post on that which is now likely to include some of this thread of thought.

For now, more links:

Octavia Butler Warned Us!

It’s the 75th anniversary of Octavia Butler’s birth and we share a discussion among Karen Hunter, Lurie Daniel Favors (Executive Director at the Center for Law and Social Justice) and Tananarive Due , award-winning author and educator and Octavia Butler disciple to discuss her prophetic writing and how it may impact us today

Shaper of God: American Artist in conversation with Ayana Jamieson

In celebration of the opening of American Artist: Shaper of God at REDCAT, LACMA Art + Technology Lab grant recipient American Artist joins Octavia E. Butler scholar Ayana Jamieson to discuss Butler’s continued resonance in contemporary life and the author’s intersections with American Artist’s upbringing in Altadena, CA.

Episode 66: The Legacy of Octavia E. Butler with Damian E. Duffy, John Jennings, and Shelley Streeby - How Do You Like It So Far?

We examine the work and legacy of Octavia E. Butler, an exceptional science fiction writer who wrote about gender and sexuality in bold new ways. Henry and Colin welcome Shelley Streeby, Professor of Literature and Ethnic Studies at UC – San Diego, Director of Clarion Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Workshop, and author of The Future of Climate Change: World Making Through Science Fiction and Activism, John Jennings, Professor of Media and Cultural Studies and a Collaborating Faculty Member in the Department of Creative Writing at UC – Riverside, and Damian E. Duffy, a Cartoonist, Scholar, Lecturer, Writer, Curator, Teacher, #1 New York Times Bestseller Graphic Novelist. Jennings and Duffy are collaborating on a project to adapt Butler’s Kindred and Parable of the Sower to graphic novels. They discuss their decision to choose Parable of the Sower as their next graphic novel after the election of Donald Trump and their process of translating the novel into graphic images (Spoiler: Jennings does the art and Duffy crafts the story points). Each of our guests tells us about their first encounter with Butler’s work and how they found her to be a buried treasure and became lifelong fans of her work. They dive deep into the Parable of the Sower as a cautionary tale if we as a society do not change our behavior. They talk about Butler as a writer who focuses on what connects us rather than what makes us different. Listen in as Streeby, Duffy, Jennings, Henry and Colin discuss the ways Parable of the Sower can make us think of our current moment involving the coronavirus. They also discuss in great detail Butler’s legacy and the influence she has had on the next crop of African-American science fiction writers. Also, looking for something to read while stuck inside? Check out the notes section for a list of Octavia E. Butler’s work, along with other great African-American writers!