In Gaza, Palestinians Are Running Out of Water and Tears

The number of Palestinians killed by Israel since October 7is more than 20,000 according to the Gaza Health Ministry, although no one can give an exact number under these circumstances. As I write, in early December, Israel has just bombed a residential bloc in the crowded Shuja’iyya district in Gaza City, destroying 50 more houses on top of their residents. The amount of destruction brought upon the people of Gaza, unseen since 1948, suggests one thing: Israel’s clear intention to depopulate Gaza, a plan that Tel Aviv tried to implement in the past but has never succeeded at.

WHO EMRO | WHO staff member killed in Gaza | News | Media centre

21 November 2023 – With heavy hearts, WHO announces the death of one of our staff in Gaza, in the occupied Palestinian territory. Dima Abdullatif Mohammed Alhaj, 29 years old, had been with WHO since December 2019. She worked as a patient administrator at the Limb Reconstruction Centre, a critical part of the WHO Trauma and Emergency Team.

Dima died today when her parents’ house in southern Gaza—where she had evacuated to from Gaza City—was bombed. She was tragically killed alongside her husband, their six-month old baby boy, and her two brothers. Reportedly, over 50 family and community members sheltering in the same house also died.

U.S. condemns Israeli ultranationalist ministers' call to push Palestinians out of Gaza

The Biden administration on Tuesday issued a strong condemnation of statements made by two senior Israeli ministers who called for pushing Palestinian civilians out of the Gaza Strip. **"**This rhetoric is inflammatory and irresponsible," State Department spokesperson Mathew Miller said.

**Why it matters: **It’s the strongest public condemnation the Biden administration has voiced against Israeli government officials since Hamas' Oct. 7 attack.

Yeah, too little, too late. Our support of Israel in the current conflict and previous decades of support implicate us in war crimes, ethnic cleansing, apartheid and now, genocide.

The World’s Most Documented Genocide in History

International law is officially dead

Israel Rebuffs South Africa’s International Court of Justice Case Filing

South Africa has filed a case at the main judicial body for the United Nations, the International Court of Justice in The Hague, accusing Israel of committing genocide in Gaza. “I believe South Africa will win an order against Israel to cease and desist from committing all acts of genocide against the Palestinians,” says Francis Boyle, an international human rights lawyer who won two requests at the ICJ under the Genocide Convention of 1948 for provisional protection on behalf of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina against Yugoslavia. Boyle says Israel has a history of listening to the United States’ orders to stop its assaults on the Occupied Palestinian Territories. “We here in the United States of America have the power to stop this.”