This genocide is yours too Americans. We need to own it. And not just this moment but the past decades leading up to it. That’s critical. Stop, take a long, deep breath. Look in the mirror and own it.

In general it seems US citizens are ignorant of how their tax dollars are put to work around the world. And, not just ignorant but uninterested. There’s a fundamental disconnect and lack of concern that the US supports violence with its foreign policy on a regular basis.

Even now, as genocide is being carried out with their tax dollars, most seem to just shrug in their comfort and allow themselves to be puzzled, making no real effort to understand.

We are so casual about violence and so ignorant of our foreign policy and practices. This genocide being carried out by Israel is also being carried out by the United States. It’s our genocide because Israeli conduct is rooted in the long historical and ongoing support of the United States.

This is our genocide too.