I have concerns. Have you noticed how complicated the Mac line-up has become? It’s so perplexing. I mean, first, there’s both desktops and laptops. But it get’s worse, each of those categories is a huge mess.

On the portable side, we have three models of MacBook Air. So confusing that Apple’s keeping the older M1 Air and now we have two screen sizes of MacBook Air. As if that’s not bad enough there’s three screen sizes of MacBook Pro. It’s bananas! And don’t get me started on all these different chips! The regular M2, the M2 Pro and the M2 Max? My head is spinning. And what’s up with that 13" that still has the Touchbar, older Retina display and FaceTime camera. Somebody steady the room, I’m so disoriented.

But no, dear reader, the lunacy doesn’t stop there! The desktop lineup adds to this chaos! Four Mac desktops?! Four???? An iMac, a Mini, a Studio and a Pro. Has Cook and Company lost its collective mind?? I mean, one of these has a built in screen and still runs on the old M1. The other three don’t have monitors and come in such a range of processors that I’ll need a nap before I can even think about trying to understand.

The Mini has an M2 and an M2 Pro, the Studio has a Max and an Ultra, the Mac Pro is confusingly a Pro but has an Ultra processor. Oh my, the water is deep and I can’t keep my head above water. Somebody help me through this complex and confusing line-up!

And we haven’t even begun to grapple with the array of accessories. I can’t possibly do that in this post. It’s all so confusing.

Apple, please, this is too many choices. Please for the love of all that we hold dear, make it make sense. All we need is a simple 2x grid, let’s call it a column. In the top box you’ll offer Desktop Mac and in the bottom box you’ll offer a Laptop Mac.

Thanks Apple!