Canadians, Australians, and Americans are some of the most carbon privileged in the world. All our news reporting is about how magical hurricanes and fires are. Nothing about climate change or burning fossil fuels for the most part. Climate news revolves around incrementals like electric vehicles, banning straws, solar panels.

Never do we actually talk about taking away the privilege of intense energy use. We don’t talk about building denser, smaller homes. We don’t talk about NOT taking that vacation. We don’t talk about NOT buying things. At most we sub in one form of consumption for another.

Like white privilege or male privilege, those who have carbon privilege are loathe to give it up. We are all entitled, right?

Why should we live on less?

We, the largest energy users in the world can’t just talk about alternative energy. We need real energy reduction and yes, that means the “economy” will hurt, that means fewer vacations, that means smaller homes.

We will never get anywhere until we accept using less. For starters, no homes in the greenbelt where we need cars to drive between McMansions."

Carbon Privilege | Mastodon | T Chu 🌍