I’ve just discovered my new favorite iPad Nerd! Felicia, also known as the Low-Tech Grandma. After using Windows for most of her life she decided to switch to the iPad a couple of years ago and has documented the process.

After years of blogging on WordPress she decided to switch over to a hand coded static site. Not surprisingly she chose Textastic and wrote a bit about using it to code HTML on an iPad:

After a while, I noticed that I spent more time updating WordPress, the plugins, and themes than I did putting new content on the blogs. It was a time drain. So, I decided to slowly work on converting my blogs to static websites.

In the Windows environment, I used Notepad ++ as my HTML editor of choice. Unfortunately, it did not work on the iPad. So, I had to find a replacement. After much trial and error, I settled on Textastic. It is the perfect Notepad ++ replacement. As a matter of fact, I think I like it even better.

I love discovering geeks that fall outside of my experience of the tech “community”.