Jesus loved the people we hate.

So the ad is actually aimed at right-wing Christians?

The Servant Foundation has donated more than a billion dollars in recent years to religious, political and educational organizations, including some that align with anti-abortion and right-wing political causes.

The norm of Christianity in the US seems to be the opposite of open love and acceptance. In general it seems to be about judgment, control and obedience of those that are believers as well as those that are not. The country would be a better place if Christians would stop their hate-filled public morality campaigns and perhaps redirect inwards to their personal and congregational members. That said it seems counter to the history, which, as far as I can tell is a constant effort to proselytize others. I don’t see that Christians accept others as they are.

‘He Gets Us’ Super Bowl Ad Aims to Increase Relevance of Jesus - The New York Times

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