Over the past couple of weeks a series of pseudoscience articles have been circulating on the internet claiming that the Big Bang didn’t happen. Such fantastical claims immediately call for great skepticism. Add to it that the sources have the strong odor of “The science elites are locking us out” and, not surprisingly, the skepticism is likely justified. Also not surprising, this week we’re beginning to see more reputable sources respond to the question.

I’d suggest starting here, Universe Today, as they have an excellent track record on sticking to the science: The Latest Webb Observations Don’t Disprove The Big Bang, But They Are Interesting

Their concluding paragraph is perfect:

It’s the kind of puzzling and unexpected data astronomers were hoping for. It’s why we wanted to build the Webb telescope in the first place. And it tells us that while the big bang model isn’t wrong, some of our assumptions about it might be.

For background on the observations: Four revelations from the Webb telescope about distant galaxies Source: Nature