It's been a few days of posting to and moving old Blot posts to and I'm discovering the various different methods/workflows for posting to a hosted account. For the past few years all of my posting was to my WordPress blog which then cross posted here. But when posting here on a hosting account there are new options of course.

Thus far I've used the first party app, the web interface from the timeline and the web interface that shows all posts and allows editing after the post. There are differences between each of them which I'm still learning. On my latest post of butterflies I noticed cropping I hadn't intended so that led to discovering after the fact that in the app it's possible to upload photos and copy the html to paste into a post. The same is possible in the web interface. I just hadn't investigated that option.

It's fantastic that to get started it's all very easy by default but that the more powerful options are there for customizing as needed. I discovered this morning that it's also possible to write and post from iA Writer so I'm trying that out with this post and am unsure how well it will work but will soon find out. Each of these different methods is proving far faster and easier than the posting to my WordPress hosted blog. I'm feeling increasingly certain that moving all of my new posting to was a great decision just in terms of ease posting. I only wish I'd made this move earlier but better late than never I suppose!