Off and on for the past year I've been increasingly frustrated with the slowness of this blog. Whether loading the site to upload a new post, edit or just view, it's been too slow. I'm still not certain how much of the problem is the server and how much of it is WordPress. Regardless, a few weeks back I decided it was finally time to try a couple of the alternatives I'd been considering. I signed up first for as I thought it would be the likely answer. It's a great service but after three weeks I decided I should at least try an account at before making any decisions. I've been cross-posting most of this blog's content there since 2017 but never actually had a full-on hosted account.

After 24 hours using I've decided that I'll be hosting there. It didn't take me long to decide I preferred it. While I do like the simplicity of Blot's posting via files in folders, I'm even more impressed with the speed and ease of posting to Other benefits of are the templates and other available plugins. To my eyes it looks quite a bit nicer than Blot or WordPress and so much less effort/cruft than WordPress.

So, all future posts will be here: