Three months ago I fell down a rabbit hole on a topic I’d heard of but never investigated: Solarpunk. And really, I’m not sure I can say exactly how I ended up there but I suspect it started when I was doing a bit of research looking for a small battery back-up and solar panel. But, in any case, it did turn up and I started looking into it and what I found is a very inspiring, interesting genre of art and fiction that sits very well with permaculture and social ecology, both of which I am very familiar with. In fact there seems to be a good deal of overlap between the three, to the point that while each comes from a different origin point and developmental history, the general destination seems to be very similar.

Some links...

Podcasts I’m discovering quite a few podcasts and podcast episodes. My favorite thus far is Solarpunk Now! which has, as of April 3, 2022 just gotten started with 2 episodes published and a third coming soon. Another is Solarpunk Permaculture

There are several podcasts that are not specifically Solarpunk but that that have episodes that explore it.

Beyond Species, April 27, 2020: Solarpunk Anarchism

The Fire These Times, April 4, 2021: Solarpunk, Youth Liberation and Why Revolution Needs Therapy (with Saint Andrew)

The Fire These Times, January 7, 2022: The Political Economy of Solarpunk w/ Andrew Dana Hudson

It Could Happen Here Daily October 18, 2021: Why You Should Know About Solarpunk

General Resources

Solarpunk Magazine

Solarpunk Manifesto at Regenerative Design Solarpunk: A Reference Guide Solarpunk: Notes toward a manifesto

More to come as I gather and edit this post…