As of 8/29 I’m exactly one month in with the Poseidon X adventure/gravel bike and what a month it’s been! I’ve ridden just a bit over 1,000 miles and I’m really very happy with the bike. It’s exactly what I hoped it would be: a fairly efficient road bike when I’m on pavement (about 50% of the time) that is capable of going off onto fairly rough gravel or even just dirt forest roads.

9/8, another 300 miles and a couple things to add to the review based on 1,300 miles. I’ve had the chain drop off the front chainring maybe 8 times in the 40 days I’ve been riding. I’d mentioned this in the first review and after reading, it seems this is fairly normal for 1x drivetrains. Obviously not ideal but not too terrible.

I’ve got 650b wheels coming and when the WTB Nano tread is done I’ll switch over to the new wheels. At the current rate of riding and tire wear, I’d guess I’ve got another two to three weeks of tread left. Which makes me wonder, is 2 to 3,000 miles about the norm for bike tire tread lifespan? The reason for the switch to 27.5” wheels? First, hopefully a softer ride provided by the wider, larger volume tires. The 700s are a bit harsh which I expected but a softer ride would be nice. Along with the wider tires and more volume I’m hoping that when riding on wet gravel they’ll sink in a bit less. And, last, the bike will sit a wee bit lower to the ground and there will be a bit more room between the front wheel and the pedals and frame. The bike provides clearance for tires up to 1.9” (48mm) and that’s what I’ve ordered.

The On-One Geoff bars have been great, exactly what I’d hoped for: lots of positions for moving around. And yes, that’s a bubble-padded shipping envelope serving as a temporary bag attached to the handlebars. I’m using it for carrying snacks with the original intent of experimenting with making something better or purchasing one. I wanted to see how that configuration and location worked before committing to anything. I ended up ordering a bag and I’ll likely post about it when I’ve got it on the bike.

The Spoon saddle is a keeper I think. I struggled for a few days as it’s a bit harder than the WTB saddle I was used to riding on the fat-bike, but I think it’s going to work out. Saddles are tricky and I’ll consider myself lucky if the first saddle I tried works out. Riding 50 miles really requires the right saddle. I’ll have more to say as I bump up to 60, 70 and 80 miles.

A last thought. I’m realizing that what I really want out of a bike is the ability to take long rides. I don’t need or want to go fast. I just want to be able to go long. I’m not in a position to go on multi-day camping trips but my tiny house is ideally located to be able to go out on day rides that can range from 40 to 80 miles or more depending on my schedule. A 50 mile ride typically takes me 5 hours. An 80 mile ride would likely take 8 or more. As I use and customize the Poseidon X it will be from the perspective of that goal. Casual, long adventure rides. So far it seems to me that this bike (and my fit to it) is fully capable of delivering that. I might have more adjustments to make but it’s riding pretty well thus far. After I get switched over to the new wheels and tires I’m going to consider a stem that will get me slightly more upright. Still thinking on that one.

If you’re primarily interested in trail riding I’d suggest a fat-bike. But for anyone looking for a bike to take out on road and gravel bike adventures the Poseidon X is a bargain at $600.