Three or so weeks ago I posted that with only 5 days into the month I was on track to ride 900 miles in July. I wasn’t all that certain that with 26 days left I’d actually ride that much. But as has been the case for the past 6 months, I’ve been excited to ride everyday and so I rode 30 days in July and as it turns out it wasn’t that hard for me to average 34 miles per day. As the month went on it was looking like I could actually ride 1,000 miles for the month so that became my new goal. As of today, July 31, I’ve got 1,034 miles. All but three days of these miles were ridden on the Gravity fatbike The last three days were done on the new Poseidon X (which I’ll be covering in my next post).

I’m not certain that I’ll ride that much in August. I’m not sure I want to have any kind of monthly goal in regards to my time or miles. I’m not really an athlete, I’m not training for any kind of competition. When it comes down to it I ride because I want to ride. I like the way it feels to ride a bike. The exhilaration and the sense of adventure that I get to tap into. Seeing the world by bike is a wonderful way of getting to know it. Also, ice cream. And food generally. I like to eat and it sure is nice being active enough that I can eat without much concern about my health. Cycling is a great way to stay fit!
Honestly, I think I’d be happy to ride 4 or 5 or 6 hours a day if it weren’t for the sore ass and back, both of which seem to set in every ride at about 3 hours. I’d love to be able to do some all day rides at some point if I can get past that current problem. For the most part my legs are fine to keep going. My plan is to just work on getting used to more time in the saddle with each ride. If I have a goal of any kind it would be to extend the time I can comfortably stay in the saddle.
Date Duration Miles
7/6/20 168m 31.90
7/7/20 160m 31.00
7/8/20 222m 41.60
7/9/20 200m 37.47
7/10/20 180m 35.23
7/11/20 220m 41.00
7/12/20 175m 33.80
7/13/20 216m 39.90
7/14/20 191m 33.70
7/16/20 168m 30.00
7/17/20 225m 40.00
7/18/20 198m 38.20
7/19/20 242m 45.30
7/20/20 195m 37.00
7/21/20 183m 36.50
7/22/20 128m 21.30
7/23/20 193m 36.40
7/24/20 196m 37.40
7/25/20 183m 35.30
7/26/20 192m 36.40
7/27/20 192m 36.40
7/28/20 97m 16.00
7/29/20 215m 32.60
7/30/20 221m 34.10
7/31/20 172m 34.50