Yikes! It's been three weeks since my last post. Not a surprise that I've spent a lot of time over the past weeks riding our trails. My daily ride time has generally averaged about 2 hours most days, usually around 15 miles for the day. Exceptions are days when I end up doing trail work or the odd day when I just rest my legs a bit.
I've still not gotten out for any 2 to 3 hour road rides but that's fine as I'm really enjoying my trail rides. With the exception of a few rides to the Slime Pond, which is just a mile across the road from us, all of my riding in June has been on our gravel road or our trails. Most of it has been the trails. I'm happy that I've been able to keep my average daily ride time up even with all the trail riding. The biggest difference now compared to my February and March rides on the Rover is that those were longer single rides on the road. Now I'm doing 2, sometimes 3 rides, mostly on the trail.
I expect to post in the next day or two about some trail updates and a few upgrades I’ve made to the bike.
Date Duration Miles
5/28/20 95m 0s 18.80
5/29/20 90m 0s 17.80
5/30/20 145m 0s 17.40
5/31/20 37m 0s 4.50
6/1/20 143m 0s 16.20
6/2/20 123m 0s 13.70
6/3/20 88m 0s 9.30
6/4/20 135m 0s 14.00
6/5/20 90m 0s 9.40
6/6/20 178m 0s 18.30
6/7/20 75m 0s 7.80
6/8/20 151m 0s 15.40
6/10/20 156m 0s 20.30
6/11/20 177m 0s 15.30
6/12/20 124m 0s 14.40
6/13/20 148m 0s 16.80
6/14/20 150m 0s 17.50
6/15/20 153m 0s 16.50
6/16/20 145m 0s 18.00
6/17/20 154m 0s 19.20
6/18/20 100m 0s 10.00
6/19/20 128m 0s 13.50
6/20/20 117m 0s 13.50