Okay, well, I have a GoPro. It started when I took a couple of ride videos with my iPhone to share on our family shared iMessage thread which we lovingly call “The Nut Tree”. They were hand held and not too bad but not great. Both my dad and my aunt suggested I get a GoPro. I initially shrugged it off because I just didn’t expect to be doing too many videos. Mostly just sharing with no big expectations. Same with some still photos. I’m not a “YouTuber” and have no desire to get into that. I’ve done the occasional YouTube when it seems to have educational value but just oddball stuff on no schedule.

Anyhoooo, both my aunt and dad brought it up a few times and each time they suggested it the idea sounded better. Fast forward a couple of weeks and we have this…

I have to admit, it’s fun. I do enjoy sharing and editing video is fun. I’m not planning to put a lot of time into it but I expect I’ll post a few of these off and on. I’d not posted to Instagram in over a year because of the Facebook ownership and my distaste for Facebook. But with our new cycling project in town I decided I’d start posting again, primarily cycling related stuff so I’ll share the videos there too. But ultimately I want to make sure that my time on the bike is about riding, not documenting.

Lots of very nice rides this week including today which was forecasted to be an all day rain. It cleared up late afternoon and the sun came out. I’d put three hours of charge on the 50% battery I had and had plenty of juice to get out for a two hour sunset ride. Great thing about sunset (and sunrise) rides and walks is that the birds are always so active. Really nice to see and hear their heightened activity. An excellent way to end the day!

Miles: 3/13 39 3/15 38.5 3/16 15 3/17 39.4 3/18 25.9

Really enjoying that new extension on my normal ride. Bumps me up to 39ish miles and 3 hours long. Beautiful ride. Funny, now 25 miles seems like a short ride! If I keep at my current rate of riding I’ll end the year at or above 7,000 miles. I’m trying not to be too goal oriented and just get out when I want to. Maybe. But I often tend to see things like this as a challenge and I tend to push further rather than being content. We’ll see