spoke logoOkay, time for an update on our new cycling project. It’s seeming more real each week. We’ve got momentum. And really, it’s starting to feel like we, not me. My previous posts on the project all still apply to what’s going on with progress being made each week. I’ve now met with two staff of the local county Extension office with the most recent being a couple days ago. There is a third staffer that also works with youth and the 4H who is interested in what we’re doing so that will likely be an additional element in our project.

Next week I meet with the administrator of the local county health department. The following week I meet again with the economic development specialist at county extension (our second meeting) then the following week we’re on the agenda at city council and hopefully the county commission! First group rides will be in April. Possibly a cycling safety class in April too.

I’ve also been in discussion with Brent at the Missouri Bike Federation. I’m a new member there and wanted to say hello to him and let him know about our project. He’s very excited about our project shared some great information which leads me to my next bit… I’ve set up a little website for the project as a place to store updates, links, resources, event calendar, etc… and he was kind enough to post it on the MBF website. I hadn’t asked him to post but mentioned I was setting it up so he made a story out of it. Currently on their front page which is kinda neat because they’re a well established state cycling organization with a lot of members.

One project he mentioned that will concern Fredericktown and Madison County and it is a DOOZY, is the extension of the Ozark Trail System from the southwest of the state over to Fredericktown. The new system of routes being set-up will add 1,000 miles to the system and reaches up to Farmington and down to Fredericktown. The Farmington-Fredericktown loop is mostly set and has been vetted. On its own it is 300 miles and has the potential to bring a lot of cyclists to town. I’ll share more about this on the website and with you all as I gather the information.

Our new project site, Spokes and Folks, is now up and I’ve begun adding content to it. Will add more over the coming days. Kinda cool seeing it sprinkled in amongst the other stories around the state