We, U.S. citizens, have given our approval to our gun problem because we refuse to force “our” government to do our bidding. We post our outrage on social media (hi!!) but we will not do what must be done because it requires getting off our asses and into streets and gov offices.

Ultimately, it is either a government of and by the people or it is not. Generally speaking it is not. We pretend it is a form of “democracy” but we know it’s not. It’s a farce run by the wealthy. We KNOW this. But to change it would be frightening and difficult-we are complicit.

When we are willing to shut down the country, for real, SHUT IT DOWN with tactics such as general strikes then change will happen. When we occupy DC and shut it down we will have change. But it won’t happen because not only is our gov broken, we are broken. And scared. And lazy.

The hell we’ve created is made stable by our apathy. It’s foundation is our apathy. It’s violence is our apathy. So when these things happen we should go to the nearest mirror if we want to see who it is that’s responsible.