It’s been nearly a year since I moved back into my cabin and it’s been a good year of settling back into my place again. Much of what I’d done had been undone during my two years away but I’ve been busy making it my home. I had no intention of trying to return it to how I left it but thought something new out of available materials would be better. I had a good bit of reclaimed wood to use and that took care of about 60%. I did end up buying some trim boards as well as a few boards for shelving.

The above image is a corner of the cabin which started with some shelving on brackets but it looked naked so I used much of my reclaimed wood to warm it up a bit. It’s a mix of oddball sizes which resulted in a very cozy, dynamic surface with different depths. Even better, as I puzzle pieced it together I built in little shelves just deep enough for my iPad, candles, small potted plants, bluetooth speaker and any other oddly little thing that needs a temporary home. When I’ve had a chance to reclaim more old wood I’ll likely take it down another 14" so that it disappears below my futon.