Jeesh. What a mess this blog is. Fits and starts. Been a long time since I achieved any kind of consistency. I don’t see myself going back to Facebook anytime soon and I don’t seem to have the hang of Twitter. I mean, I understand the basics of it but it just does not seem to be something I connect with.  I suspect that if I’m going to have much interactivity with this interwebs thing it will be here. I’m not sure why I have difficulty with updates. Something about the workflow? Perhaps a lack of desire to communicate via this particular medium? A lack of interaction? I’m thinking it’s that last bit. This isn’t a warm and cozy place. There’s no sense of community or connection. Some blogs achieve that this one hasn’t. I’m not sure I’m someone that writes just to write. I think my impulse is to share but that implies a two way connection - a back and forth.

Pondering. Like much of my life these days, a question and not much clarity.