At least two of my FB friends posted and praised this completely false “article”. Um… NO. NO. NO.

More of the same “the man has the cure to cancer and is hiding it because he’s trying to protect profits!!” misinformation. Folks, before you post stuff like this read it critically and skeptically.

I’m not suggesting that we shouldn’t all work towards the healthiest diets and exercise, etc, but raw food does not cure cancer. Exercise does not cure cancer.

Sites like this are irresponsibly posting misinformation that can cause harm and if you’re posting thoughtless praise without doing the due diligence, taking some time to really consider the veracity of what is being promoted you’re helping endanger making the problem worse.

Funny thing about this particular post? They never provide an actual link to a source article. I did a brief, 2 minutes with google and verified that the story, as presented by this website, is bunk. See this from Snopes.