I’ve been reading the 1st draft of Kaleesha’s book and just about finished. She concludes with a kind of endnotes regarding her exploration of 14+ year exploration of Christianity and religion. At the end so that those that don’t want to be bothered with reading the details about religion don’t have to… I have to say, it is very interesting seeing the work she put into questioning what she’d been told was the truth. She’s not kidding when she says she studied her way out of religion. I don’t understand all the details but what I’m really curious about is how well Christians would be able to follow along. Or, put another way, how well have Christians actually read and studied the Bible and if they have really read it, really studied it, what do they think of the serious problems within it? Do they know the story of how it was written? For example, where did the story of the virgin birth come from? Who put it in there and why? It seems to be a pretty important part of the story for many people but if it’s not true, well, what other parts aren’t true? And if they have not really read it, studied it, why not?
I’m excited to be getting closer to publishing. She’s got a bit more editing to do and then it is layout time. Stay tuned.