Travelers!!This past Friday I was in town distributing the annual reports and map brochures for the Fredericktown Revitalization Initiative and I came across a couple of traveling folks talking to Bill in front of the library. It was kinda funny how quickly I knew that these were “my people” even from across the square. Living at deCleyre for 5 years and before that at the “Anarchy Farm” I’ve come to quickly recognize the young nomads that travel the country. We hosted hundreds of them during my time at deCleyre and they are almost always a joy to have around. Nothing goes better with a good dinner than tales from the gravel back roads, woodland encampments and railroad yards.

Garth and Sarah are currently walking west from Illinois. They document their travels at their website Pursuing Nothing though are currently having problems updating as many public libraries have lots of filtering and random glitches that can make the process difficult. They may not be updating from the road anytime soon but they have lots of fantastic stories already posted that could keep a reader busy for many days. They’ve also got a fantastic photo archive documenting their journeys. Keep in mind that they are not hitching, they are walking.

I always love the reminder from such folk that life can be lived as an adventure!