New Table, Old WoodWhen I first moved into the cabin in May of 2008 I was loaned/given a little kitchen table which, while very functional, didn’t really fit. It was in great shape, like new really, but was an 80’s style particle board deal that just didn’t feel right. I finally got around to making the table that I thought would fit better and I’m pretty happy with it. It is very simple, made of weathered wood from free pallets we picked up this past spring. The old wood and cedar branch legs are a much better fit for the cabin. I had enough wood left over to build a rustic end cabinet between the door and sink as well as a few wall shelves. I’ve still got a few details to finish but they are mostly done and very functional. I’ve still got gobs of wood left so I’m thinking about how I might put it to use.
New from old
I’ve always been fond of weathered wood and the more I really look at it the more I appreciate it. The texture and color of it seems so much more natural to me as it so closely matches the coloring and texture of the outer bark of most trees. While I like the warmer red tones of new, untreated wood these are not the colors you see when you look out at trees in the forest. You only see these colors when you cut into a tree.
New Shelves, Old Wood
The last big project for my cabin will be a covered porch which I hope to get to in the spring. I’ve still got a few bits of trim that I never put up that I am going to take care of very soon. Eventually I would like to cover the vinyl flooring with some sort of wood flooring but for that I’ll wait till I find something I can salvage and re-use.

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