Are you interested in learning the skills needed to live a more self-sufficient and sustainable life? Concerned about the economy, climate change, and peak oil? Ready to get your hands dirty?

Come for an introductory workshop to our permaculture homestead! The workshop will include a discussion of the basics of permaculture to be followed by a tour of our site for a first hand view of how the principles look when implemented. We’ll see and discuss:

  • Rainwater harvesting with swales and barrels

  • Recognizing and using all the contributions and yields of animals: chickens, guineas and more
  • Creating complex food forest systems: medicine, food, and fiber
  • The design and benefits of a greenhouse-chicken coop

Some of the principles of permaculture design that will be discussed:

  • Integrated Systems

    • cooperation rather than competition

    • each element serves many functions

    • each function supported by many elements

  • Small scale, self replicating systems

    • use of local resources

    • maximum use of minimum resources

  • Energy Storage

    • natural storage in water, soil, and trees

    • storage in buildings and infrastructure

  • Recycling of Materials

Time and space permitting we may also watch a couple of short videos. Bring a sack lunch. If there is an interest in learning more beyond this introduction we may setup a series of workshops.

When: Saturday, September 12th, 10am-3pm

Location: 6 miles north of Fredericktown, we’ll give you directions when you sign up!

Cost: Free!

If you are interested in learning more or would like to reserve a spot leave a comment or email geekinthegarden at gmail dot com

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