Chicken Coop GreenhouseWe’ve nearly finished the chicken coop greenhouse! The Coop is pretty much finished and the 23 chicks will be coming down this weekend. We still have to put the light in and finish up the chicken run on the east side. At some point we’ll be installing my 2 small solar panels on the roof which will run the light and ventilation fan from the greenhouse. In the picture below you can see all the nest boxes on the left and a feeder waiting for chicks.

Chicken Coop InteriorThe greenhouse still needs the door added on the west side but that’s pretty much it. Oh, we’ll be adding a gutter to direct rainwater to 2 rain barrels which will be added to the interior of the greenhouse. I’ve already moved in a table, pots, soil and other goodies. The tomato plants are very happy. I’m looking forward to getting all the little seedlings off my kitchen table and in a warmer brighter environment! I’m also looking forward to eating lettuce, spinach and other greens next winter!!

We spent around $400 for the greenhouse which is not too bad. All of the glass was salvaged (thanks to Greg’s friend Jamie for a couple of those!) which really cut the costs down. I think 8x8 greenhouse kits often sell for $2,000 or more so I’m super happy to have this.

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