Take a look at all of the climate change reporting of the past two years and you will see two things. First, you will see that the words “worse than scientists previously thought” over and over. Another pattern you will see that the timeframe mentioned is always 100 years. Folks, this has to change. The sad truth is that when the problem of climate change is constantly framed within a 100 year context it leaves far too much wiggle room and thus, inaction. It allows the adults of today to delay the development of the appropriate level of concern and needed action. I see it over and over in the people I interact with, even those who are relatively young and just starting out with their own children. 100 years is too far away to cause the level of concern that results in the kind of serious action that needs to be taken.

I strongly suggest that we begin thinking and talking about the effects that will be felt in 50 years or 25 years. We don’t have to lose sight of the effects that will be felt in 100 years but we need to shift our focus to a shorter time frame. The reality of climate change is right now, in our lifetimes.

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