Now that they have it they refuse to take responsibility for it. Mithras of Fables of the Reconstruction takes a look at one particular conservative mouthpiece:

Charles Krauthammer:

Iraq is their country. We midwifed their freedom. They chose civil war.

“We midwifed”? No. You, you asshole. Your fault. You and your friends who thought it would be cool to try out your experiments in New American Muscularity on the darkies. Shut the fuck up about freedom. We know you weren’t interested in freeing anyone - you were interested in kicking raghead ass after 9/11, and fulfilling some fucked-up post-Cold War vision of American hegemony. How surprised you are that those “freed” to serve your agenda don’t want to stick to the script. What a fucking shock - your boy George announces we’re on a “crusade” to overturn the political order in the region, and goddammit, that political order just won’t lay down and die. Instead, Iran can raise the price we are paying to stay in Iraq faster than we can raise the price Iran must pay to oppose us.

Among all these religious prejudices, ancient wounds, social resentments and tribal antagonisms, who gets the blame for the rivers of blood?

You, you vicious little troll. You knew going in that Iraqi society was such a tinderbox, but proceeded anyway? Or you didn’t inform yourself first? Recklessness or gross negligence, which is it? It’s like performing elective surgery with no medical training and then blaming the patient for choosing to die. The U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq was a foreseeable trainwreck. Everyone who supported it at any time deserves a share of the blame, but above all it must be laid at the feet of those, like Krauthammer, who insist to this very day that it was the right thing to do.

And of course now they are lying us into another war and it seems like the media is going along again. W.T.F.

Note to CNN: I hate you.
Note to Wolf Blitzer: You also are a despicable, vicious little troll.

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