The Martian Anthropologist, in discussing Keith Olbermann’s recent ‘How Dare You, Mr. President,’ has this this to say about his fellow Americans:

I’d like to add that it is not only the President who is to blame; it is the majority of Americans. The older I get, the more I realize how stupid U.S. citizens really are. They are beyond moronic. Instead of taking an interest in their country, they watch Nascar and reality TV. They can endlessly quote football statistics, but almost half of them still believe there is a connection between Iraq and the September 11 attacks. They have more channels on their TV than they have books in their home.

When Bush and Cheney decided to attack Iraq, they supported them blindly like the sheep that they are. When the President told them that they were attacked because “they hate our freedoms”, they applauded loudly — and then uttered not a word of protest as he took their freedoms away. When their President squandered the surplus left by the previous administration, they barely noticed — and then hired him again in 2004.

I could not agree more. And to prove the point made by the Martian we get this comment by “Ottman” who faithfully repeats what he’s heard via the corporate media, probably FOX given the flavor of it:
Funny how you go against the president but fail to mention how the Iraqi’s and Arabs danced in the streets on 9/11 after innocent people fell from skyscrapers attacked by Islamic terrorists’.

Who’s freedoms were taken away? Like Joe Wilson, you’re blowing smoke for the anti-American leftist fanatics who side the enemy.

Whether it’s stupidity, willful ignorance, media distraction or some combination of those, the citizenry of the New America has lost control and given up responsibility.

Now seriously, enough talk about the responsibilities of citizenship, let’s get on to more important news. Have you heard about this deadly spinach, tainted by E.coli?? You could be at risk! Even more urgent, have you heard about Anna Nicole Smith’s son? CNN is reporting that there may be a second autopsy. Thank you CNN for keeping me up to date on the news that really matters.

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