If we are to have a future, if we are to survive, this is what it will look like. Folks in Memphis and other cities around the country have started community gardens and I’d bet that the trend will continue. In fact, it will become a part of everyday life. Our future will look like our past. With each passing day I become more convinced that peak oil has arrived and with it, the very harsh reality of climate change.

Community gardens, will become a core component of a renewed community life which is to say, real and functional community institutions. We will have to learn the lesson that the government and global capital were never the solution but the problem. The solution lies with our own work in our own space. The gardens in our community, the solar panels in and around our homes, the bicycles on our streets, all are pieces of a sustainable future that will be based in our neighborhoods. I fear we may be too late but some days I’m hopeful.

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