Glad to here my friends and former housemates in Memphis are breathing new life into deCleyre. For about a year it had been in a free fall. Thanks to some good folks stepping up to the challenge it looks like the co-op will not only survive but may be entering a time of real growth. Now more than ever I think cities need places like deCleyre so I can’t say how happy I’d be to see it continue and flourish. The Co-op was 7 years old as April 1. From the deCleyre Blog:

It is almost the end of May. The bell tolls from the church down the street and it reminds me that a judgement day is coming for Decleyre. Thus far we have cleaned out almost the entire house, save a few rooms and a closet. We have gathered enough materials for all the building projects save a few pieces of siding. We even have enough to build a tin roofed garden shed. Now the momentum picks up. We are recruiting bands and artists for the benifit extravaganza in early June, and flyers for housemates and well-wishers are finding their way onto the streets. JB has even decided on hipster buisness cards for Decleyre and this very blog, so all the cool kids know whats goin down.

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