Just as I was telling myself I would slow the expansion of our garden I make the mistake of visiting the Missouri Botanical Gardens. If you are a gardener you can’t help but be inspired by such a magnificent place. We had a perfect day for the visit. Not only were we treated to many beautiful gardens but also an exhibit of blown glass… very nice. My favorite is the home gardening exhibit and the Missouri natives demonstration garden.

So now I sit looking out my window thinking yet again about the many ways I can expand our garden. In the past two springs I’ve taken what was an shady area struggling grass (more moss than grass), mulched it and added 35+ native Missouri species. On the northwest side of our house where we get a bit more sun I ripped up a 6 X 20 foot area of grass and planted a mix of 35+ native prairie/glade species. So that’s at least 70 new species and well over 100 actual plants. I’m fairly happy with the results but we’re on five acres of land here. The defined yard area is probably about an acre with the rest left to woodland. The garden area I’ve created is probably about 5% of this one acre. So there’s still plenty of room for more garden!

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