Dipshit on the news, and I’m paraphrasing here, “I prayed to god, thanked him for saving us.” That was a woman in Tennessee that survived the tornados though her home was destroyed. Golly gee, so god saved her? I suppose god hated her house though? What about the folks down there that died? I suppose god was trying to punish them or offer some sort of lesson to someone?

Of course when someone’s home is destroyed it is sad but when they thank god for the miracle that they survive, honestly, I laugh and I laugh hard. Oh, yes, thank you lord for saving me but what did you have against my home?

As an agnostic I just don’t get this god/faith/miracle thing that people seem to love to talk about when natural or even man made disasters strike. Do they really believe this “god” saved them personally? If so do they think god was too busy to save the neighbor? Funny.

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