Slowly another little iddy bit of truth seeps out regarding the wiretaps. Yes, big surprise, the unlawful spying includes domestic calls as well. According to this release by Congressman Adam Schiff of California the Attorney General won’t rule out warrantless wiretaps of purely domestic telephone conversations. Ah yes, well one day we will all understand (or will be made to understand) that his royal highness King George has no limits to his powers.

WASHINGTON, DC – During a hearing before the House Judiciary Committee today, Rep. Adam B. Schiff (D-CA) questioned Attorney General Alberto Gonzales about the NSA’s secret domestic wiretapping program.

The Administration has cited the Authorization to Use Military Force and the commander in chief powers as authorizing the NSA to intercept international communications into and out of the U.S. of persons linked to al Qaeda or related terrorist organizations.

After citing his concerns that there was no limiting principle to the Administration’s claim of authority in the War on Terror, Rep. Schiff asked the Attorney General whether the Administration believes it has the authority to wiretap purely domestic calls between two Americans without seeking a warrant.

“I’m not going to rule it out,” responded the Attorney General.

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