The news just keeps rolling on and on and on with the war criminals and terrorists in the White House. Truly amazing that they keep going, denying, and redefining reality. I think it’s clear that they do not fear the Democrats or the American people. They will continue to whatever they please, whenever they please because they know they can. The good folks over at Irregular times discuss different Dicks for different decades.:

“If the President does it, it can’t be illegal.” — Richard M. Nixon, 1977

“President Bush’s chief spokesman said today the president has the right to declassify sensitive information whenever he chooses and that when he does, it is effective immediately.” — Washington Post, April 6 2006

It’s not a politically-motivated leak, it’s an on the spot declassification and disclosure in the national interest.

If the President does it, it can’t be illegal.

Also from Irregular Times, an excellent discussion of the ever expanding ground of spying on citizens and activists:
It’s been a week of frightening revelations about how far the Bush Administration is willing to go in order to enforce its political agenda on the increasingly unwilling American population. Of course, there was yesterday’s announcement that George W. Bush and Dick Cheney both appear to be involved up to their necks in the leak of classified information designed to punish Ambassador Joseph Wilson for revealing that Bush and Cheney knew about the lack of good evidence for an Iraqi nuclear weapons program before the invasion of Iraq.

Ah, but did you hear about the new evidence of the FBI spying against American peace activists, without there being any suspicion of the activists ever committing a crime? Yep. FBI agents were caught watching a group of antiwar protesters gathering outside a bookstore in Denver to go to a peaceful march, writing down their license plate numbers to enable further investigation.

And then, did you catch the news that attorneys connected to the Electronic Frontier Foundation have seen secret documents indicating that, without any legally required search warrant or judicial authorization, AT&T cooperated with the Bush Administration to engage in a huge Internet and telephone dragnet spy operation against millions of Americans. Yes, you read that right. The Bush White House, through the NSA, has been spying without a search warrant on millions of Americans.

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