I tend to distrust polls but thought I’d mention this recent CNN poll regarding Americans and fear vulnerability of oil supply. Funny how folks don’t seem to put much blame on auto companies and even less on themselves. Always easier too blame others I suppose.

Eighty-nine percent of those polled said oil companies deserve a great deal or some of the blame for current energy problems, compared to 81 percent who felt that way about Bush.

Nearly one in three said oil-producing countries deserve a great deal of the blame, while 27 percent put the blame on automobile companies. One in every four of those polled said American consumers bore the brunt of the blame.

The poll, which was released Wednesday afternoon, also indicates that roughly three out of four Americans – 77 percent – fear the supply of oil will not be able to keep up with global demand. Three in 10 said they believe the world will run short of oil within the next 25 years.

Good to see that oil and energy are becoming, to some small degree, more important to the media. Shame that the coverage is still so shallow and too rarely dig into the reality of peak oil.

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