The Bulldog Manifesto has the best summary yet regarding Cheney’s most recent armed expedition:

We all know that Vice President Cheney shot an old man on a farm while trying to shoot pen-raised, slow moving birds with a 28-guage shotgun.

But what about the gun?

Cheney was using a Perazzi shotgun. Perazzi 28-guage shotguns are custom made shotguns that sell for over $20,000. Some of them go for as high as $41,000.00!!

$41,000 approaches the 75th percentile for annual wages for a male in our society. These bastards are so utterly out of touch with the average American worker, it’s not even funny.

We couldn’t have written a better metaphor if we tried.

They overspend on guns. They shoot at the wrong targets. They injure innocent people.

The perfect metaphor indeed.

So if you are keeping score at home. Our vice president shoots at slow moving pen-raised birds with a 28-guage shotgun costing over $20,000.00…..and misses, hitting a 78 year old man.

Poetic. Damn poetic

Still, I’d much rather have his violence confined to his wealthy friends in America rather than civilians in Iraq… or Iran.

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