A most viable alternative energy solution - solar power

“Installing solar energy on your roof is one of the most meaningful steps an individual can take to reduce our reliance on foreign sources of energy and help declare energy independence,” EnergyBiz Insider cites Rhone Resch, Solar Energy Industries Association President, as stating. “With the new energy law, solar comes with a more affordable price tag, and more consumers will take a step towards energy independence by choosing solar power."

“It seems that despite the available sunlight, worldwide solar electricity accounts for only one thousandth of the total electricity supply,” says Silverstein. “The US energy bill, signed into law in August, might prove to be a key motivator in exploiting this, particularly important because key players are primed to take advantage of solar power.”

The good news for solar advocates and solar equipment makers is that public opinion polls are saying that a clean environment is a top priority. Solar power plants have almost no carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide or nitrogen oxide emissions tied to them. They typically produce power during peak demand when it is most needed and displace coal-and-natural-gas fired units in the process. Green energy participants have successfully marketed these ideas and used them to persuade policymakers to enact progressive measures, such as the tax credit for solar panel installation.

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