I discussed this in August 2003 and apparently it has now been released via an Italian documentary. The Bulldog Manifesto has a summary:

In contravention to various international treaties, the United States has used outlawed weapons of mass destruction against Iraqi civilians. Consider the irony.

An Italian New Channel (RAI 24) televised a graphic VIDEO documenting U.S. use of white phosphorus and napalm against Iraqi civilians. I strongly suggest everybody watch the entire production. It is graphic, but people need to see it.

Where the fuck is our own media?

Why do I feel like a German citizen living in Nazi Germany, watching as my countrymen comletely ignore the atrocities being committed under OUR FLAG?
So, the truths begin to surface. Shame will prove to be just the beginning.

As for our media, well, it’s not ours at all is it? Fucking capitalists have no interest in the truth nor will they make any effort to inform the citizenry of the U.S. No folks, it’s all about keeping us misinformed and entertained, keeping us obedient, keeping us in a consumer friendly mood. We’re not even supposed to think of ourselves as citizens because that my lead to thoughts of responsibility and accountability.

And speaking of media, I’ve been wanting to say this for a while: Wolf Blitzer, you are douche bag… and that’s being nice about it.

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