Hilarious. The Democrats today used Rule 21 to call a secret, closed session of the Senate, showing for the first time in a very long time that at least a few of them are interested in the lies that led to the war in Iraq and Republican Frist says it is a slap in the face. All I can do is laugh. This administration, and Congress as well, is a slap in the face and yes that includes all parties. Let me add to that the conduct of the corporate media, while predictable, is also a slap in the face. The system as a whole is broken. Impeachment and imprisonment of the war criminals in office would be just the start.
Sure would be nice if today’s action by the Democrats, combined with the current investigation into the CIA leak might lead somewhere in regards to uncovering the details of the lies that led to war… I’m not holding my breath. This country is so badly broken that a deeply rooted revolution is the only real answer. I doubt that will happen but it needs to.
Anyone that reads this blog knows I’m no Democrat, not even a liberal. As an anarchist I oppose the very foundation of this government as well as capitalism as an economic system. We humans can do much better than these systems. I’m not saying we will but I think the potential exists.

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