CNN reporting on environmental toxins in New Orleans::

While environmentalists warn of the long-term danger to health from possibly polluted floodwaters, and rumors of disease swirl, front-line emergency doctors say the actual health danger will come from accidents.

Possibly polluted floodwaters? No. It’s not a question of possibility. This is a certainty. It will be very interesting to see how this unfolds. Already the mayor is pushing towards moving people back in to the city. Perhaps my view is overly negative but this course of action seems to be utter stupidity… though typical. The Society of Environmental Journalists has created a page dedicated to the toxic after effects of the Katrina. A good start.
One final note, it’s probably very obvious but I would not trust the EPA or any other government agency to be truthful in it’s reporting. All in all, we’ll see a knee jerk reaction in which environmental and human health are of no real consequence which is just more of the same.

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