The game of distractions and misdirections continue in D.C. From the start outing Plame was itself a distraction from the real issue that the Bushies decided early on that the best way to sell their carefully planned war was to terrify the American people with deadly chemicals, horrifying disease, and nuclear holocaust. We were told that a mushroom cloud would be the price of not invading Iraq.
Now we have an attempt to distract us from the distraction. Our attention moves farther and farther from the critical issue: Bush and the rest of War Crimes Inc. manipulated the public discourse for the purpose of committing our troops to an illegal, unjustified, and dangerous war.
Their propaganda efforts and manipulation of information have reached truly Orwellian proportions. They will, of course, continue to turn reality on its head and we must refuse their manipulated reality and their attempt to control our memory. Bush lied us into a horrible war and that’s not something we will forget. As the Downing Street Memo indicates, they were fixing the facts and intelligence around the policy. The evidence is there in plain sight.
All that said I do want to acknowledge that Rove is a lying scumbag… he fits right in with the current bunch, eh?

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