A bit of discussion on my usual topics of interest: Apple’s release of iTunes 4.9, natural landscaping with native plants, activism (or lack thereof), war, Iraq, and an oil-based economy. In many ways this is podcast summary of my recent posts here which makes sense because these are the things that I think about.

Links mentioned in the podcast:
Peak Oil.com
Peak Oil.org

On a technical note I’ve added podcasts to my Feedburner RSS so you can subscribe there as well. I think you’ll get a more accurate reading of the mp3 tags of the podcast that way.

Update: Again, on a technical note, I’ve updated my regular podcast feed, link below and on the sidebar. Finally, this is what I’ve needed to do. If you subscribe to that in your RSS reader you’ll get a much better description of the show. The old version, based on dircaster.php, does not play well with ID3 v2.2 tags with the result being no real description of my podcast on sites such as audio.weblogs.com. So, it’s improved now. Sweet.

littlepod.jpg More via the Podcast which is also available as a direct mp3 download runtime: 19'18, 3.6 MB.

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