Jonathan over at Irregular Times asks What Else Is There To Say?

You know, I find myself here, sifting through the news, through government data releases, through the latest polls, through legislative records, and I cannot bring myself to write a thing about them.

What’s the point? It’s not as though the failings of Republican politicians, corporate America and fundamentalist conservative Christians have not been extensively documented, over and over again. The reaction to such documentation is outrage on the part of those who are already outraged, and dismissal by those who sympathize with the Republican-corporate-fundamentalist axis. Then there’s a little squabble between the sides as neither side can possibly understand how the other side can think the way it does. And then we move on to the next disclosure of Republican/corporate/fundamentalist wrongdoing.

If you aren’t already outraged, then you’re either in denial or you aren’t paying attention. Why do we need one more example of what’s wrong with right-wing America? If you aren’t already outraged by now, what would it take? Why do we need another blog post when it’s all been said?

I’m sure I’ll feel better about this tomorrow. But today, I can’t help feel as though these efforts are futile.

I know I’ve often felt this futility and outrage but look, I’m an anarchist not a liberal. You see, I feel no allegiance to any government or religion and the truth is I consider the U.S. an enemy of liberty and freedom. I think the evidence is clear that for many, many years U.S. policies, domestic and foreign, have served a very small group of people. As much as I’d welcome the impeachment of the current administration and their imprisonment for war crimes the truth is that they are just a part of a larger problem.

The American people have given up responsibility and any real vision of democracy. My own family are a good example. I love them and they are “good” people but they are terrible citizens and excellent consumers. Do they know anything about the oil that they pump into their SUV or full size pick-up trucks? No. What about the oil that forms the base of all the plastic shit they buy at Target, Walmart, and the Dollar General? No. They are fantastically ignorant of the planet’s oil reserves as well as who currently supplies them the fix that they need. Do they connect the dots between their lifestyle and war in Iraq? Sure it’s easy to bitch about Bush but is that an SUV in your driveway?

In my relatively limited experience my fellow citizens have sacrificed citizenship. Instead they identify themselves with the consumer side of the American Dream. Seems to me that there was a major political and cultural shift in this country at the end of World War II. I wasn’t alive when it happened but it seems pretty obvious at this point. The boys came home and the U.S. became a world super power. People got comfortable, they raised families and embraced suburbia. Politics and an engaged, active citizenry became an endangered species. That culture is solidly intact today.

I think this culture and this country are at the beginning of a huge fall that will come in many different forms. The chickens have come home to roost and folks, we have nothing to cry about. We did this to ourselves. As an anarchist, I welcome the mess America has gotten itself into because it seems more evident with each passing day that this empire is about to crumble and with it global capitalism. As George would say, Bring it on.

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