NewsweekbannedMother Davis over at Irregular Times writes about Republicans that want to ban Newsweek:

I never thought that I would live to see the day when a significant element of America’s ruling party would be calling for the banning of publications that dare to question the actions of the government. There are problems with Newsweek’s use of an unnamed source to back up a one-sentence statement about desecration of the Koran in American prisons at Guantanamo Bay (allegations of which now appear to have been corroborated from dozens of sources). But, does a problem with a source used to support a single sentence in a news report really merit a government shut-down of a major news publication?
Scary, very scary. We live in a new America. I've been using that phrase for over a year now. It will get far worse before it ever gets better. The Republic has become the Empire.

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