Fantastically fun little flash movie for the unorganized rabble rouser in your life. Time Management for Anarchists: The Movie. Not a specific endorsement of GTD (Getting Things Done) but in that direction. You can find more of that at 43Folders.

Being a geek that has a PowerBook attached to my hip I’d also suggest GTDTiddlyWiki. A self contained, single file wiki that has been designed around GTD. Very cool. It won’t work with Apple’s Safari but works very well with Camino or Firefox. The newest version is self saving so you never have to remember to save. To get started save the html file to your hard drive by control clicking the above link and choose “Save linked file to Desktop”. Next, open that file in Camino or Firefox, and you’re set to go. Open existing articles, “Tiddlers” to learn more about how it works and delete them or change them to your needs. As much as I like Instiki I like this better because it’s not a separate application. The only way it could be better is with Safari support.

Via Audio Activism.

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